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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 19, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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you're being watched.. on the bus.why the m-t-a wants to record you... and hoo many camerrssare on board. the winter weather forecasttis out.find out whether or noo weere in for a rough ooeethii year. and.. it pays to be a princess. just how much mooey the average person woold have to ssend to maintain kate middlettn's "look." 33 friday, octoberr19th.
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33 what you do and "say" on an m-t-a bus will now be ecooded. mmtta officials hooe thhenew security system will heepp buses.but somm sayyit's going live at the mondawmin bus top with reaation. gooo morning guys,there is a now security system that not only records video... but
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auuio oo its passenners. six cameras inside the - upgraded secruity help combat crimee.. some passengees are &pworried about their privacy.. and lack there of.and now he a-c-l-u is on board with them. (15522:522 (rocah) "thee &pgovernment can't make it lega puttinggup a sign saying everyone onnthe street is subjjct to searchh i think the same is true hhre...." here...."there will be a sign on theebus alerting passengers that video and audio is being recorddd.ten buses are now equipppd with the new systemm coming p next halffhour... live from the mondawmin bus fox45 morninggnews. baltimorr city police are looking forrtwo people who attacked a teenager oo an m-t- a bus last month. released pictuues of two t-a individuals who they'd like too question... in connection with the assault on 19-yeaa-old ernestine parkkr.according to the girl's mother... the
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driver was on norrh vvnue and kept going for eight blocks while her daughter was being beaten.sheesaid errestine actually called her from the 13:21:15 whhle she was being the phone and i was just on caam is anybodyyhelpinn her she said no one wws helping her :23 p23the driver eventually pulled over anddallowed the teen tt get off the bus.her mother believes the individuals who attacked her daughter....targeted the teen because of her ssxual ooientation. a suspecttd peepinggtom is n the loose in howard county. county.police say a man secretly viddotaped two women in their condo alonn city.thhy ttink it started continued... if the women pn one offtheir ccosets last taken from the camera shows the man setting it up... and police say he came back to the condo seveeal &ptimee to adjuut its position. they still don't know how he got inside... innthe first
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place. (20:22))here'' no signs of forced entry tteres no sign of a broken lock p4::5))eehave an outside door would get into a second layer... layee......police say the suspect is ssee wearing the same clothes......which cculd be a uniiorm... including a &pdark tan or light brown butto up shirt and khakk horts. anyonn with information is asked to ccll howard county police. 3&an anne arundel county man is charged with 134 counts f animallcruelty... after animal &panimaas from his asadena hom. home.police say 21 year old pigs in his homm... and many of hem were wwthout food or water.animal conntol says theyy tried tt work with taylor to animals... but he didnnt follow tteir iistructions. taylor was served with a frederick county police ssy a
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man is being trrated at shock trauma fttr being accidentally shot by his 12 &pyear old on.police say the boy fired a gun, and the bullet ricocheted off a trrck chargessare expected word on the man's conditioo 3his morningg parriage intennifies....ith morr and moreecommeeccals before thhy head to the polls in november.buu aa john ryddll explains... membbrs of tte clergy emain deeppy ivided over the issue. issue. "calling on alllvotersswwthin maryllnn tt do that which is pnccudes 's a group that - pastors...a rabbi...even aanun. (gramick) "and i hope thaa the cctholics of this state will poin e and mmst faithful patholics across the couutry
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in some cases....hey are defying the traditional beliefs... oo their own pellgions. ut these cllrgy memberr are standing firm in their supporr for same-sex marriage.(shepherd) "i am one of hose who believe ouur leesain and gay sistees and secood class citizens in our society."(commeecial) "as a questton 66is rroted in my belief that the ggvernment should treatteveryone equally." some pastors have taken to the airwaves. theii messagee..the law...would nnt force erformmsamm ssx force marriages....if that's against... their beliefs. but other clergy members are actively campaigning... against... question ssx.their vvew...marriagg is sacred union...only...between a "the uniqueness of arriaae, and really whyywe can all love and reepect many people rrght &pnow, we juss don't need to "clergy members that supporr 3
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they're asking their parishoners who re still conflicted over same ssx marriage tt consider his a justice."in baltimore, joon rydell, fox 45 nees at ten. 3 pn the meantime... gallaudet university is asking a group a new campaign commercial.take a lookk look."they promised us question 6 protects people wwo doesnt.""he ad isspaid for by e- phe maryland marriage alliance. it ssows video offangeea removed from her job becaase - she signed a pptition to put the sameesex marriagg law oo thh bbllot.the school says the ad violates copyright laws... but the marriageeaaliance says it hasn't receiied a foomml same sex mmrriage will be tte hall next thursday ctober n - going to fox baltimorr dot com -
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and clicking on "town hall" in our... hot topics section. you can go there now to watch taxes and the maryland dream acc. folllwing last eek's senteecii. sentenning.thh former enn was convvcted on 45 coonts of sexual assaull on yoong boys... over ssveeal-year experts ay it may be hard to fiid an ppellate judgg to hear the case... but sandusky's lawyers say they're willing to take it all thee ay a milltary appeals ourt has forcibly shaved... for his murder ttial.the army major is pccused of openiig fire at &pfort hood, texas... killing 13--eople ann wounding 32- others.hasan says hhs beard is requireddby his religion of slaa....but the judge says the beard is not prottcted by thhelaw, beeause hasan did not prove it was a sinnerely-held religious bbllef.his trial is coming uu oo the early t august.
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edition... employers telling this election. find out who is doinn it and whetter they're breaking any llws.
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as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs.
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and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6. meeeorologist)) 33 3(traffic reporter addlibs)) 3 3 addlibs))((traffic reporter
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meteorologist)) 33 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) ((traffic reporterr 3 ((traffic reporter 33 3 33 3 3 3 ad libs))((traffic reporter 3 ((traffic reporter 33 ((ad lib ((break 11) 3 breaking any laws. wwether &pthey're doing it and election how to vote in this electionn find out who is doinggit and whether hey're breakinggany 3aws. p(break 1)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 map 44 map map fiberrmap 44 r - mma liberty mapmap fiber map &p40 ap liberty map pap fiber map 40 mmp libertt ap 3
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3 3 3 &pstill to come... a popular magazine... is about to go out of print. print.the cost-cutting wwrrers strongly encouraged... candidate over the other.the - political with their employees. ((break 2)) hundred and eighty million dollars for maryland schools. that's a lot of money. my classroom. games and a new casino for maryland. million more for education every year. the money goes where it's supposed to. it's the law. this is about our kids. this is about better schools. seven. i'm voting for question seven. i'm voting for question seven. 3
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some companiis are getting employees to vote for mitt romney and paul ryan.lisa romnylvester repprts on the missives and their legality. empllyees of koch industries receivvd a vooer information packet thissmonth. included compann's presidenttdavid robertson warring that if phere's a second obama term, than 50-thousand us employees and contractors may suffer the consequences including higher gasoline prices, runaway dissributeddat other been companies. thh ceo of westgaae it bluntly: if any new taxes are levied oonme, or my company, as oor curreet prrsident plans, i will have no choicc but to reduce he size of this company. and the head of thh murrry eeergy corporation blamed the obama admmnistration for recent
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payoffs at his company."yes, ma'am, president obaaa is resppnsibleeentirely for the closureeof that mine and the loss of those jobs."the progress calls these charges - and e--ailssby ceos outrageous. &pall the cards responsible or that person's job, pressuuing peally threattning their &peeployye to vooe a certain way, it's very undemocraaic." speakknn o independent business ownnrs has urged themm toocarry on to wii over votes. pnothing illegal about you talkinngto your eeployeess for the business ecause i est - think that ill figure in tt & oting eciiion and doing that with yyur family and kids as well."it is legal ffr a boss tt tell an employee employees ought to vote."the courts would view thii as just politicaa speech, an expression of political -opini
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to the days when the foundiin ffthers were writing the ttey really enshrined in ttat free speech." but the e-mails, particularly the one from westgate have been billlonaire who gainne nntoriety for building the pountry'ss iggest houseein florida -- 90,000 sqqaree feet. t was the subject of the documenttry queen of versailles. to say that hh''l be forced to lay off employees if he has to pay more in taxee is a hard ell for some.. "you see someone who lives in a house, obviously very rich, telling his employees, middle class americans how toovote, r - peudaa times. maybe to the darkkagee when you had ooe peudal lord telling everybody else how to behave." we reached out to the companies, but none of hem rrturned our calls. in response to nnws stories
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pbout its letter to employeess koch industries reccntly issued a stttement that said in part, it was not annattempp tt itimidate employees. straight aaeaa....going to extremes... to save money. subscrrbers are goinn tt &p((bbrak 3))t a few months..-
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3 after 800years assaanewssstand pigital. alison kosik hhs - more. 3 newsweek magaziie is going all digital.its last print edition will be ppblished ecember 31. newsweekksays job cuus are likkly, but it's not givvng any ddtaiis.this is beeoming a ttend in the industry... earlier this year, the ew orleens times-picayune cut magazine went all diggtal. they're all trying to ccpe with a changing eevirrnment...
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consumers want news now,,not taalets anddsmartphones are geetinn more popular, people ccnnget that content whenevee &panddwherevee they the pase of newsweek, its print subsccibershipphas plunged 2006... to abbuu 1-million a downwarddspiraa for years. the shift to digtal is a money-saver...affer all, readers will have to pay for pompany won't have to buy paper, hire a printer, or paa for delivery.but there's a certtin romaacc and historr to the publishing industry....s in-chief puts it: "exiting prinn is an extremely ddfficult moment for all of us and the uniqqe weekky f print camaraderie of those hectic hourr efore the close n friday night."the magazinn is embracing the change twitter account.i'm alison - posik in new york coming p... keeping peoppe in their homes... despite them being ellnquent on tteii wwter bills. bills.the new proceduress
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adopted during a city council meeting..- @
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